Soft-Press Bales


Listening to our customers is our greatest strength and has brought to market a new product to help simplify the feeding process. The new Soft-Press Bale is revolutionary with a consistent weight, and supply we hope this is a perfect solution to fit your needs. 

To explain the process we use a press that takes larger bales that can be acquired for less and converts it into a perfectly sized bale that gives you more. The input weight scale keeps weights consistent as we package 140 pounds into a 3-tie size equivalent giving you a little more for the same space this is not as compact as a compressed bale so our soft-press bales keep the hay soft and do not change the density of the bale. With this bale you can continue to feed your animals like any 3-tie or 2-tie bale on the market.


  • Lighter Weight

  • Saves on Space

  • Consistent Supply

  • Quality Controlled

  • Density is comparable to any 3-tie or 2-tie bale

Soft Press - Sage Hill Nothwest Inc.


Weight: 35 Pounds

The lightest 3 strap bale you will ever find at 35 pounds everyone in the family can help. We love that this little bale is so manageable, easy to tuck away for on the go or at home. 


Weight: 75 Pounds

The larger packaging allows 75 pounds to be packed into a small manageable form factor. This gives you a quality product that is easy to pack around, and easier to feed. 

Half Soft Press - Sage Hill Nothwest Inc.

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